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Kedveskrém is a place in The Buda Castle Area, where ice cream is accompanied by a huge smile. In the beginning ice creams were our primary products, however, the small place gave space to big ideas over time. The tasting of experimental cakes was soon replaced by cakes made for friends, and then slowly but surely, creations born of love began to assume a huge role in our lovely business.

We love fluffy, creamy cakes. Our sponge cakes are mostly made with seeds, so that our cakes are even tastier and more substantial. We consider naturalness to be important inside and out, so we use seasonal fruits and oil seeds as decoration. Meringue has now become a concept among children, so it is a favorite on top of our cakes. We love to make them for birthday parties, wedding ceremonies or other events!

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You can find our available cakes here:

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