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  • PRICES | Kedveskrem

    CAKE PRICES Order process Please order at least 3 days in advance. You can pick up your cake at a pre-arranged time in our shop, or you can also request home delivery on ! ​ Payment options Payment can be arranged with cash or bank card . If you require a VAT invoice, please let us know in advance! Sizes Our cakes are available in different sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 slices. If you need more slices, please send us an email! We also welcome wedding inquiries by email! Decoration Please note that the decoration of the cake may differ from the pictures on the website, as we create the decoration depending on the raw materials and seasonal possibilities. The basic price includes fruits, seeds and other basic decorative elements. Prices Cake slice: 2000ft Sugar-free surcharge: + HUF 200/slice Lactose-free surcharge + HUF 200/slice Gluten-free surcharge + HUF 100/slice Cake box: +250ft Wrapped wedding cake: 2100ft Wedding cakes We accept wedding inquiries by e-mail , so we can more easily discuss your individual needs and answer your questions in detail. In this letter, please describe the exact date and location of the wedding and your ideas regarding the cake and the decoration. We hope you find the perfect cake for the occasion, and we will be happy to serve you! If you have any questions or would like to order, please contact us via the contact information on the Contact page. Thank you for choosing us!

  • CHRISTMAS OFFER | Kedveskrem

    SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW CHRISTMAS OFFER We are preparing three special cakes for your festive table! This year, the name of the collection is "Something Old, Something New", which reflects our creative spirit. In the name of the range, "something old" emphasizes that we still keep the traditional, well-known ingredients, such as poppy seeds and walnuts, during the festive preparations. And "something new" means that we combined familiar flavors with a new approach and combinations. FLODNI CAKE WALNUT-DARK CHOCOLATE-RASPBERRY CAKE POPPY-CURGE-FOREST BERRIES EXEMPTIONS GLUTEN - All cakes are made gluten-free. ​ MILK WHITE - You can order the Flódni cake without vanilla cream and then it will be a cake without milk protein. :) - The Walnut cake can also be ordered with coconut cream, then the cake will also be free of milk protein. ​ SUGAR - You can request the Flódni and walnut cake sugar-free. ORDER DETAILS - You can place your orders until Sunday, December 17th for the last time - The last day to receive cakes is December 23. -Slice sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 -Desserts are made at a uniform price of HUF 2,000/slice, the sugar and milk protein-free ones cost HUF +200 extra per slice. - You can pick it up at Batthyány utca 26 at a pre-arranged time -You can place an order via Facebook message, phone or email: ​

  • Fagyi képek | Kedveskrem

    < Back to products ICE CREAM Our locally made products are created with great care and in the hands of experts, whether it is ice cream, cake or wedding cake. Our recipes are characterized by simplicity, quality and respect for traditions. You can only find additive-free products, we do not use flour in some of our sweets and we also make lactose- and sugar-free desserts. ​

  • Torta képek | Kedveskrem

    < Back to products OUR CAKES We love fluffy, creamy cakes. Our sponge cakes are mostly made with seeds, so that our cakes are even tastier and more substantial. We consider naturalness to be important inside and out, so we use seasonal fruits and oil seeds as decoration. Meringue has now become a concept among children, so it is a favorite on top of our cakes. ​ Tiramisu Raspberry-pumpkin seed white chocolate mousse Rustic Walnut Cake Fluffy vanilla cake with strawberries Salted marshmallow-caramel cake Mango-banana cake Hazelnut-chocolate cake Raspberry chocolate mousse Rustic poppy seed cake Raspberry poppy seed cake Lemon Curd Cake Carrot cake Pistachio cake with raspberries Chestnut cake with blueberries Choux Tarte Our current prices and useful information for placing an order can be found here: Our prices

  • Request for | Kedveskrem

    REQUEST FOR Thank you for visiting us! ​ We are happy to undertake events, expatriates and company inquiries . If you want to surprise your guests with special desserts, then ice cream is a perfect choice. We consider it particularly importantchildren's events , and we make sure that even the smallest can enjoy our delicious ice cream. Whether it's a wedding, company event or children's program, we guarantee a mouth-watering experience! ​ ​ ​ The following information helps us to respond efficiently and accurately to your inquiries: ​ 1.Event date and location : Please provide the exact date and location of the event so that we can prepare for the time and logistics. ​ 2.Requirements and dietary restrictions : If there are any special requirements, such as gluten-free, sugar-free or milk protein-free products, please let us know. It is important to us that all guests can enjoy our products ​ 3.Number of expected guests : Knowing the size of the event will help you prepare the right amount of ice cream and dessert. ​ ​ Please send this information to our email address below: ​ This enables us to provide you with the best possible offer and service. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to them.

  • CONTACT | Kedveskrem

    Get in touch! Cake order Wedding cake, dessert table Ice cream counter, catering, event, resale +36 30 333 6963​ +36 30 518 2661 +36 30 333 6963​ Request for

  • ABOUT US | Kedveskrem

    ABOUT US Kedveskrém is a place in The Buda Castle Area, where ice cream is accompanied by a huge smile. In the beginning ice creams were our primary products, however, the small place gave space to big ideas over time. The tasting of experimental cakes was soon replaced by cakes made for friends, and then slowly but surely, creations born of love began to assume a huge role in our lovely business. We love fluffy, creamy cakes. Our sponge cakes are mostly made with seeds, so that our cakes are even tastier and more substantial. We consider naturalness to be important inside and out, so we use seasonal fruits and oil seeds as decoration. Meringue has now become a concept among children, so it is a favorite on top of our cakes. We love to make them for birthday parties, wedding ceremonies or other events! You can find our available cakes here: OUR CAKES

  • Career | Kedveskrem

    Our current job offers If you are interested in the world of ice cream and want to be part of our team, don't hesitate! ​ From the spring of 2024, the frost season will start again, andhalf year we are looking for new team members for a short period of time. If you are enthusiastic and interested in making ice cream, we look forward to your application! 1. Ice cream maker As an ice cream maker, your main task is to make delicious and high-quality ice cream. This requires exact adherence to one's own recipes, use of natural ingredients and handling of the ice cream machine. In addition, it is important to respect hygiene and work together with the team to ensure continuous production and good quality. ​ 2. Counter As a counter worker in the ice cream shop, your main task is to serve customers and serve delicious ice cream. You help with the selection, manage the payments and take care of the clean and tidy counter environment. It is important to be helpful to customers and serve them kindly so that everyone leaves satisfied. :) Apply We are waiting for your photographic CV to email address:

  • HOME | Kedveskrem

    OUR WORK Let's Be Real, Let's Taste Real! We keep our ice cream, cakes and wedding cakes simple and natural with a variety of flavours made from the purest & finest ingredients. ICE CREAM CAKES WEDDING

  • Esküvő képek | Kedveskrem

    < Back to products WEDDING We are happy to sweeten your big days! We make tiered cakes and dessert tables, which we like to decorate with seasonal fruits, seeds and fresh flowers. Kedves Blog ​ ​ We accept wedding inquiries by e-mail, as this makes it easier for us to discuss individual needs and answer questions in detail. Please provide the following information in the letter: ​ 1.Exact date of wedding. 2. Location where the wedding will take place. 3. Your ideas in the field of cake. (how many people would you like a cake and dessert table for) 4. Your ideas for the wedding decoration. (e.g. pinterest photo of the idea) 5. Please send these data to the following e-mail .

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